A quick look at how HAVSPRO works…

Thinking of trying HAVSPRO, but not sure how it works?

Here is a quick breakdown of the system and its benefits:

1️⃣ Each operator has their own sensor, programmed with their unique details, HAVS points values and even a reminder for their next health review date.

2️⃣ Each tool is fitted with a holster to allow rigid mounting onto the vibrating surface. The holster is programmed with the tool details, asset number, date of next tool service and whether we are measuring for HA or WBV.

3️⃣ The sensor simply clicks onto the holster, press the two tags to lock into place and you’re ready to go.

4️⃣ The operator does their job and removes the sensor from the tool, puts the sensor onto the next tool etc and accumulates the data for the day, it is collected, stored, and converted to HSE points…without any further operator action.

5️⃣ If there are any warnings i.e. EAV or ELV. The system will send text and or email alerts to the dedicated personnel to warn of breaches, it really is that simple without human intervention!

6️⃣ In addition to the warnings we send, that allow you can take the necessary action to protect your workers, an amber light also warns the operator. We send another warning at 90% ELV and the light flashes amber, red, we then send a third warning if the operator hits ELV (set at your values… so long as they don’t exceed HSE guidance!) and the light now alerts with a red signal.

7️⃣ At the end of the shift the operator leaves his sensor on site, the system automatically uploads the day’s activity to the cloud reporting suite ready for your review the next day, it really couldn’t be simpler.

And, for the times when you’re really busy we send weekly or daily summary reports to offer a quick overview of the activity.

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