Assumed Vibration Data or
Continuous Measuring and Monitoring

When conducting your HAVS risk assessments, do you use assumed vibration data or continuously measured and monitored data? 

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Assumed Vibration Data or Continuous Measuring and Monitoring? 

Assumed vibration data

Experience the HAVSPRO gold standard

There are significant differences between the various methods and strategies for managing the risk of HAVS and whole body vibration. The HAVSPRO system offers an alternative to using assumed vibration data by continuously measuring and monitoring vibration magnitude, as it is experienced by the operative in real-time.

This is truly the Gold Standard in HAVS risk management…

Industry standard bronze

Standard compliance is often no more than paper-based risk assessments which compile the averaged tool vibration data. It may also contain observational concerns recorded by an external auditor or consultant, but this route will not naturally record the variation inherent in every job and offers little more than safety guidance and isn't protecting against HAVS.

Industry standard silver

A combination of tool and wrist-mounted devices can produce a clearer picture of individual vibration exposure, but these measurements are usually calculated according to samples of vibration data supplied through previously measured data (which is only accurate at the exact point of capture) or HSE and various other libraries of tool vibration data all of which vary widely and leave a large and potentially high-risk margin of error.

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Gold Standard

HAVSPRO provides a personal vibration measuring device which clips on and off each tool, accumulating real-time data for each operator, giving highly accurate real time alerts and simultaneously sending detailed information to be centrally collated for customised reports and control guidance. HAVSPRO is the only device that accurately measures vibration levels as the individual experiences them, and is therefore, truly protecting against HAVS.
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