Setting Up Your HAVSPRO Vibration Sensors

Setting up your vibration sensors and HAVSPRO reporting dashboard couldn’t be easier with our dedicated installation team.

  1. Before we can start your install, we will ask you for a full list of your tools including make, model, asset or serial number, alongside a list of operators (name, works number and HSE points values to be used).

  2. We will then visit your site(s) and fix pre-programmed holsters on to each designated tool, supplying one pre-programmed HAVSPRO sensor for each operator.

  3. Training is then arranged at your site(s) to suit your needs and schedule.

  4. Operators are trained in using their HAVSPRO and the importance of vibration monitoring.

  5. Supervisors will be shown how to effectively use search parameters and how to access and create bespoke reports and weekly summary reports. Supervisors will also be shown how to create their own, customised dashboard.

    Included in supervisor training is how to download data in specified formats, interpretation of values and vibration levels, identification of trends and suggested actions that can be taken in the event of a breach of EAV or ELV.

Cost Effective Service Package

We offer a competitively-priced service package which includes holsters (fitted on to vibrating tools), sensors (one for each operator) and beacons (as many as required to ensure vibration data is picked up from the sensors to be transmitted to a cloud-based database).

Each beacon is fitted with a HAVSPRO communications pack  which includes a mobile dongle and SIM, which means it does not need to be connected to your own WiFi, and each customer receives an individually tailored secure HAVSPRO data analytics platform.

vibration monitoring

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Discover how the HAVSPRO vibration measuring and monitoring system protects you and your workers from the ill-effects of vibration exposure.

It monitors individual tool vibration levels and the exposure each person has to it.

The system triggers alerts and collates all this data and creates customisable reports to help you prevent overexposure.

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The HAVSPRO is very small and light: 75mm x 41mm x 26.75mm and it weighs approx 75g

HAVSPRO is designed and developed within the Simpatica Group of Midlands based companies and manufactured in Derby.

HAVSPRO complies with BS 5349 part 2, which states that the measurement of any vibration should be taken with the device firmly fixed to the vibrating surface. The HAVSPRO holster is attached within 10mm of the operator’s optimal grip point and measures vibration at that point. If the preferred holster location impedes use of the tool, it can be shifted slightly and a compensating weighting factor applied to the software so the algorithm continues to provide accurate results.

All sensors are tested prior to leaving the factory

Yes, each sensor has a name tag which can be engraved of marked with indelible ink

The HAVSPRO sensor will automatically send vibration data to a beacon using Short Range Wireless Communication Technology (RF) (which passes that data on to the HAVSPRO Cloud-based reporting platform) and it will transmit live warnings as long as the beacon is within a 100m radius. However, if the sensor is taken out of range, any vibration data will be stored on the sensor and is automatically uploaded once back in range of the beacon. Each sensor can hold around 30-days of vibration data.

Yes, if a sensor is lost, stolen or damaged, a pre-programmed replacement can be easily and quickly despatched (a charge may apply)

Yes, new tools can be added (and fitted with a HAVSPRO holster) at any time.

No. HAVSPRO should be thought of as an item of PPE supplied to an operator for their sole use

Existing sensors can be swiftly re-programmed for new operators

Installation and training charges are all part of the initial package and will be clearly identified. Any additional training may incur charges.

Consultants at SIXIS Technology can conduct a thorough onsite audit of a customer’s responsibilities, actions and methods of control if requested at an extra charge.