An Advanced Alternative to Traditional HAV and WBV Calculators

When it comes to measuring and monitoring levels of Hand-Arm (HAV) and Whole Body (WBV) Vibration exposure, many businesses still rely on traditional methods such as using  manufacturers’ data and adding the K factor, assuming data accuracy at the time of measurement, and then, in both cases, asking the operators how long they used the tool for, then calculating using the HSE ready reckoner. 

However, these methods are often complex, prone to human error and are time consuming. What they really fail to do is pinpoint the specific areas of exposure risk, only suggesting that the entire duration of a task may pose a risk to employees.

While these conventional methods recognise there maybe a potential risk to the operator, they don’t take advantage of modern technology. Without clearly identifying exactly what the risks are, when and why they arise, it becomes very challenging to take appropriate action, produce accurate and meaningful Risk Assessments that give you the guidance to reduce the risks to ALARP.

At HAVSPRO, we take health and safety seriously, our MD is a HAVS and Dupuytren’s sufferer, that helps us to understand the importance of accurate data in preventing life changing and painful health conditions such as HAVS. We believe that without this precise identification, adequate risk mitigation is far more challenging than it needs to be, possibly even impossible to accurately identify the actual risk. We also believe that it is possible to #MakeHAVSHistory, that’s why we have developed a simple to use tool-mounted system that eliminates the need for a manual HAV and WBV Calculators, ensuring accurate data recording and allowing accurate data guided interpretation without any room for error.

Our tool-mounted sensors, personalised to each operator, attach to dedicated holsters fitted to individual tools, programmed with specific tool details, we don’t use assumed data, we measure as the operator experiences regardless of any influencing factors such as consumables used, method of use, correct tool for the job, sufficient training. This level of detail guides you to understand and clearly identify where the actual risk is coming from, it may not be a whole task, it maybe just a specific element of the task that causes the problem. It’s a bit like a fast road where cars crash on the bad bend, it’s the bend that’s dangerous, not the road!

As the employee’s exposure is measured, converted to HSE points and automatically recorded in real-time, it eliminates the need for the operative to remember and report their activity duration which will eventually be transposed into a HAV and WBV Calculators,  removing the room for error, or manipulating the data in their misguided favour. The simplicity of operation makes monitoring an easy, intuitive process, with information automatically sent to the Cloud reporting platform for effective reporting and action by the appropriate manager. Accurate data driven decisions, identification and actions that allow you to take the right actions, at the right time and take an accurate step towards #MakingHAVSHistory.

At HAVSPRO, we’ve made it our mission to remove guesswork, remove spurious data and provide accurate, real-time data that can easily be reported and acted upon when appropriate.

If you feel it’s time to stop relying on traditional methods that provide opportunities for errors, download our brochure below and switch to the accurate and data loaded replacement for a time consuming sometimes difficult to use HAV and WBV Calculators.

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