Not just ticking boxes

How do you behave when nobody is looking? Well, only you know, and we’ll have to take your word for it. This is also the same story for your employees… 

In most cases, it doesn’t cause a significant issue if KPI’s aren’t being met, but when it comes to health and safety, it does. It’s important that employees always stay safe, for multiple reasons. The main 2 being their safety and for the employer to avoid and fines or court cases.   

When it comes to being exposed to vibrations from tools and machinery, there are risks of employees potentially ‘cutting corners’, and ticking boxes for the sake of following processes, not realising the potential severity of inaccurately reporting their activity. 

So, do you know what your employees are doing when unsupervised? Do you know how they are using their tools and exactly how long for? Do they use the right tools designed for the job at hand?  Are they using the correct consumables for that task? What they tell you might be very different to the reality. 

Traditional methods of measuring HAVS exposure, such as the commonly used and industry renowned ‘Ready Reckoner’, are based on calculations between the amount of time the tool is used, combined with the manufacturer’s vibration output data, to produce a value produced during that operation. Although this does protect workers to an extent, it doesn’t take the many variables into account and can give ‘in-accurate’ readings. Which we don’t believe this is a term you’d usually want associated with health & safety.  

In order to provide an accurate way of measuring and monitoring vibration exposure, that can cater for variables, such as how the tool is held and the materials involved, we’ve created HAVSPRO. A unique tool-mounted, vibration measuring and monitoring system, specific to each operative and tool. The HAVSPro system sends all recorded data directly to an online reporting dashboard, it sends warnings via text/email, essentially leaving no room for human error and eliminating the ‘just filling in the form with what sounds like it could be believable information’ to tick a box.  

 This data allows you to create more informed and accurate risk assessments, which are vital for the safe monitoring of HAVS and of course to enable you to reduce the risk to ALARP…and remain compliant.  Frequent reports can be generated by the HAVSPro reporting system allowing you to create accurate risk assessments which can be easily kept up to date and not just something that is completed once, filed away and only dusted it off when the inevitable injury occurs.  

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